Nursing Diploma - Getting a degree in nursing

According to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics, 450,000 additional registered nurses will be needed to fill their present demand through to the year 2008.  The demand in the US is leading to shortfalls in Kuwait, Oman, UAE and other Middle Eastern countries where they are looking at Indian nurses more and more as most of the Filipino nurses are heading to the US, which has always been their first priority.

Treat Yourself


Some chemists run a minor ailment service, which means that they can supply medicines for certain specific conditions. Alternatively you can get advice from NHS direct.


Stress Busting

We give help and advice on dealing with life's stains and stresses.


How to avoid getting ill this winter

GPs see more minor illness in January and February than any other time of year. A combination of overindulgence during the festive season knocking our immune systems and close contact indoors in the cold wet weather means party time for the bugs! More.


Scratch the itch

Or do not as the case may be. Itching is an unpleasant sensation in the skin, which makes us want to scratch, but usually only results in a worse itch. More.


Pets are In

Read how having a pet can transform your health. More,