What is Stress?

One useful way of defining stress is " that which arises from a comparison between the demands on a person and his perceived ability to cope"

This explains why 2 people in identical circumstances may differ dramatically in their experienced feelings of anxiety.

Much work has been focussed, in the commercial world, on the correction of stressors in the environment, such as general reviews of working conditions and time management. These can only be partially effective in bringing about relief from stress because they do not allow people to change the most important area, inside themselves.

This is where hypnotherapy has made such dramatic strides in the past few years because it allows the person top access and alter deep subconscious predispositions to act in certain ways – the belief map that might be preventing them feeling comfortably challenged instead of uncomfortably threatened.

Treat Yourself


Some chemists run a minor ailment service, which means that they can supply medicines for certain specific conditions. Alternatively you can get advice from NHS direct.


Stress Busting

We give help and advice on dealing with life's stains and stresses.


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